How To Get Started

Step by step tutorial on AiSara Excel Installation

Download AiSara

Head over to the Downloads tab, fill in the necessary details and click "Submit". We will email you the download link for AiSara. Download the link, and save it where you can remember it.

How to install AiSara Offline

In this section, we will explain how to install AiSara Offline. However, if you prefer to install AiSara online, then you can skip this section and move on to the installing AiSara Excel Add-in section.

Open the "Aisara Installer.exe"

Click "Next".

Select the location for AiSara to be installed. We recommend you keep it as default and click "Next".

Tick the box "Create a Shortcut on the Desktop" if you wish, then proceed by clicking "Next".

Click Finish, and AiSara will be installed.

Open "AisaraBasic" as administrator to begin, and a command prompt will open. Wait for a few minutes for the program to run, until "True" is displayed in the command prompt.

Finally "Allow access" for AiSara, and the program is ready to go. Next, proceed to installing AiSara Excel add-in.


How to install AiSara Online

Installing AiSara Excel Add-in

Open Microsoft Excel and click "File" ribbon.

Click "Options" located near the bottom of the File. If you can not see "Options", scroll down until you see it.

A window will pop=up, then click "Add-ins".

On the bottom right, click "Go..." and a pop-up will appear.

In the new pop-up window, click "Browse..."

Select the "AisaraOv.xlam" (for Aisara Online) or "AisaraFv.xlam"  (for AiSara Offline) and then click "OK" at the bottom right of the pop-up.

On the side note : To allow Excel to open the add-in file automatically, you might need to unblock it. Right click on the add-in file and click Properties

If the following warning appears, click the Unblock box, to add a check mark -- "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer".

Make sure the "AisaraOv" or "AisaraFv" box is checked in the Add-in window.

Click "OK".

You will see AiSara ribbon added on the tabs menu.

Now you are ready to do AI!

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