Your Intelligent Stock Market Predictor

We made stock opportunities easy for you.


AiSara Stock is the brain that learns thousands of stock data across a bridge timeframe, accumulating hundreds of years of experience formulated in AiSara.


Let us do the calculation and deliver the results to you. Get the 1 month prediction of the stocks of your interest for your convenience.


Scan through the stock market to select the best opportunity for you.

Get AiSara Stock Excel Add-in

Predict the stock market data of your interest with AiSara. Try the 30-day trial version for free.

AiSara Stock in a Nutshell

AiSara Stock is an Excel Add-in, which mean theres no need to invest in new software.


We do not provide data. Your options for end of the day stock market are:


Recommended strategy is to scan through a list of tickers for opportunities every month, Lower your risky by buying multiple stocks with good potential. After a month, run the scan again for new opportunities or decide to hold on. Depending on your risk appetite, you can select tickers to scan based on blue chips, beta values, fundamentals or technical analysis or combination of those factors. You are responsible to mitigate your risk by diversification and/or implementing stop-loss.


Scan a list of tickers (but you need to refer to a macro, example see Squote for name of the macro for the add-in, write your own, or ask the provider if they have a macro for data download). SCAN allows you to spot the best low risk opportunities for your next buy.


Predict the 1 month stock price data, and it is possible to do backtesting.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that we are not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of your data. You are also fully responsible for any investment decision. We only provide tool for your analysis.

Easy Installation Guide

We provide a step-by-step guide to Install AiSara Stock inside your Excel. Just click the button below.

Guide on Using AiSara Stock

Using Predict for 1-Month Prediction

Using Scanner to predict large numbers of stocks

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