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AiSara Excel Professional

Do AI like a pro.

Upgrade / Subscribe AiSara Professional Version

In order to get AiSara Professional Version, you will need to download a basic version first by clicking here for Online Version and here for Offline Version. ​


Quick Guide: When do you online or offline? If your environment or network restricts external data transfer, then use Offline version.

If you already downloaded the basic version, just follow this simple step to upgrade your AiSara.

Try AiSara Pro

Step 1: Click on License

1 - Click License.PNG

Step 2: Click on Upgrade to Pro

2 - Click Upgrade to Pro.PNG

Step 3: Click on Free 30-Day Trial

3 - jom Free Trial.PNG


You may enjoy your AiSara Pro Trial version for 30 Days.

5 - Notice the plan is Trial.PNG
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However, we have not release AiSara Pro Full Version yet. Stay tuned.

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