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What is AiSara?

AiSara proprietary algorithm allows for automated analysis. Gain clarity really fast as the algorithm has one and only one mission, find the pattern in your data. Get to the important results fast, no mess.


Business Breakthrough

Disruptive, with AiSara, almost everyone can use AI for analysis and prediction.


Technical Breakthrough

Powerful algorithm for pattern recognition that learns like a human. “ALGORITHMS are everywhere”- The Economist, 2017


Ease of Use

Transform your Excel worksheet to an analytics power house.​


Power Prediction

See impact for each variable and combination on the results.

Learn Pattern

AiSara is designed with the philosophy of simplicity. We uphold its interface to be as intuitive as it could be, coupled with simple 2-step workflow from input to output, with no coding required at all. Whether it is finance, insurance, oil and gas, sales, research, we have your back.

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